Private classes & energetic healings

Energetic sessions, private yoga & meditation sessions

I offer Reiki, energetic healings, private yoga classes, and meditation sessions on request.
A private session will take about 60 minutes up to 75 minutes, reach out to me if you want to book one.

All can be done online :-).

Reiki is an excellent way to restore and replenish your energy for your body, mind and soul. For Reiki, we use Universal energy, which is neverending and available to anyone. It will help you to move energetical blockages out of your body, mind and soul. Your energy will flow again and you feel re-energized and restored. You even feel and look younger!
I recommend taking at least 3 sessions in a row to feel the difference. 5 sessions will give you even better results.

Before I start a private session, I will ask you a few questions and I will explain what the session will look like.
For more information about Reiki, how it works and how I work, you can read it here.


Prices depend on how many classes or treatments you buy.
If you are interested in private sessions or a Reiki treatment, please contact me.

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