One of these days…

One of these days that you feel heavy, down.
Disconnected from your body, mind and soul.

One of these days you feel lost. Walking in circles. All is unclear. All feels heavy, as a burden.

You are fully aware of this but you don’t know how to break this circle.

Well, I have one of these this day today.

I cry out loud. A lot of tears are falling on the floor.
I shout, I scream.
I stamp on the floor (sorry neighbours beneath me).
I punch the pillow to release my energy (sorry pillow).
I laugh too loud.

I am angry, sad, frustrated, happy, and grateful at the same time
I feel defeated. I feel strong and invincible too.
Confusion is taking over, I feel it in my body and mind.
It is like drinking a delicious but deadly cocktail.

And then, suddenly: THAT MOMENT.
It is just there, no knock on the door.  Unexpected, standing right in front of you.

I take a deep breath in, and I breathe out with a deep sigh.
I surrender and everything flows away.
Relief, release, clarity, relaxation.
Fully connected again: body, mind and soul perfectly aligned.

The power of breath.  
The power of acceptance and letting go.
The power of trust and surrender.

I have accepted that one of these days is part of me. And I am no longer ashamed of telling it. I am no longer fighting against these days. I embrace them, and from the moment I accept them, they don’t seem that worse anymore.

The more I accept my shadows and my dark side, the more I feel complete, whole.
Every single day 🌟.

I guess some of you have experienced these days too.
And that’s why I share my story with you.
Just to let you know that you are not alone 💜✨.

With love💜and light✨,

P.S: About the picture: all credits go to Caroline who made this painting